Advertising Changes Past 2020

With 2020 coming to an end, we begin to look ahead to the New Year, and for many reasons. 2020 has changed our world due to Covid-19, and, with that change, how we reach potential customers has changed. In 2020, ad dollars spent on digital media is about 58%, but by 2023 the total is expected to rise to near 67%. So, what does this mean as you develop your budget for marketing in 2021?

First, traditional media is still a factor; for some age groups more than others. It will become even more important to make sure the dollars you spend on radio, TV, billboards, and other print is spent wisely. You still see and hear major advertisers such as Verizon, GE, Coke, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and many others still using traditional outlets. Still, they also have moved to the digital world of marketing in a big way. For some, trying to figure out this maze of what to do online is overwhelming. SMI Advertising keeps up with the latest trends and, we have experts in the field available to you to help digital footprint grab your potential customers.

Here are some trends we see as we go into 2021:

The use of video advertising is getting stronger. Due to television we are used to this medium, and as the internet, computers, and mobile devices get even more prevalent, it allows us to reach out. Mobile devices now get the majority of use when it comes to using video, but we have to make sure it is formatted properly for use on a small screen.

So, where do you place your video for the best results? YouTube is the biggest video platform, but social media is a great place for video. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others are performing very well.  With being able to target a specific area, we can now make sure your ads are seen in your trade area.

Display Advertising is another popular form of online advertising. They can show up on appropriate websites, blogs, apps, social media, and more. For display advertising, you identify the consumer you want to reach by the use of keywords. Our digital experts will help you develop a list of keywords that your potential customer would use when searching for your product or service. We can target from a vast, broad area down to a state, city, neighborhood, and, if needed, we can target one home on a street in a subdivision.

Once they search, your ads can pop up with a direct link back to your website or social media. Once they visit your site, we can display your ads to them for a specific period afterward. This keeps reminding them who you are and that you have a product or service they apparently are interested in. We can even imbed video into these banner ads.

Social Media. Social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms is on the increase. You can develop a social media page for your company and then encourage people to like it. This is a good strategy but remember that only those that have liked your page will see your posts. There is a way to pay for social media advertising and reach potential customers that may have never been to your social media site, and it is a great way to increase your likes. Facebook is obviously the largest of the platforms, but there are many others, and you can use non-skippable ads to ensure your ad gets seen. These ads can also target individuals that have shown an interest in your product online.

In addition, we can now use email to target your potential customer, along with the direct mail that can now target almost as well as digital advertising.

While this is a lot to digest and follow, it is what we do at SMI Advertising. We work for you, and it is our job to make sure that your ad dollars give you the best results. Many people invest in the stock market, and most use someone that can advise on the best stocks for the greatest return. At SMI, our job is to advise you on where we can place your advertising budget and expect the greatest return. If we could invest one dollar and get a return of ten dollars, I think most would jump at that opportunity. On average, that is what happens when advertising dollars are placed properly.

While there is no hard and fast guarantee (as with the stock market), if money is placed where historically we know there is a good return, the result is usually excellent. If you operate a business, your plate is full, and you most likely don’t have time to do the research, decide where it is best to get it placed, come up with creative content, and then stay on top of it to make sure it remains current. Again, this is where SMI can help. Give us a call at (334) 409-0022, and we will meet with you and discuss your needs and how we can help you grow your business.

Larry Stevens


SMI Advertising