Marketing- What To Do During The Coronavius

Now is a tough time for many businesses.  The coronavirus has changed so many things for us all. Employees working from home, businesses are closed, and it is impossible at this time to get in front of prospective clients face to face.  One thing we do know, consumers are spending a lot of time watching television, listening to the radio, and on-line.   With everyone shut in their homes for three or four weeks, they will be consuming all forms of media.   So, what does this mean if you have a business that has always advertised?  For some, because they have shut down their business, they have pulled all their ad budgets, and when there is no revenue coming in, I completely understand this choice.  However, even if a business is closed and can afford to do something, it will keep its brand from losing top of mind awareness.

Make sure you have a cross-screen plan to reach your customers from traditional TV to the small screens that many are watching.   Radio can be a great asset as well, but as with all your other media, make sure it reaches your market. Advertisers will also need to take a good look at their existing creative to ensure that it takes into account current sensitivities. They will also have to adjust their short- and long-term strategies to keep their messaging both relevant and respectful. This situation will eventually resolve, and people will go out again and shop and use all the services that they have been using.  Make sure you are ready when the time comes to retain your customer base and even see an increase because of your strategy right now.

1-   Be ready to restart your marketing as soon as it is evident your customers/clients need what you supply.   Be ready to make swift changes as required.

2-   Now is the time to look at all the tools at your disposal.   We live in a cross-screen world, and you can take advantage of where your potential customers are consuming media.  The digital world is one that many can’t quite grasp, but it is time to take a critical look at what you have been doing.

3-   Examine your creativity and make sure it resonates with your target.

4-   Also, with cash flow down for so many, it is essential to be laser-focused on reaching those that are in need of what you have to offer.   The smaller the budget, the more important this becomes because every dollar counts.

I received a call over the weekend asking me to talk with a new business that will open soon in Montgomery.   They will have a tight budget, but if planned properly, they can hit the ground running and do well in a very competitive business category.

If you own a business or know of someone that owns a business, SMI Advertising will gladly talk with you and advise you on how to chart a course that will help gain back your lost revenue.  There is no obligation, and even if you are small, we will give you advice on your strategy as business returns.  As a small business, we are here to help you, even if it means advising you pro bono.  Send us a message through Facebook or call 334-409-0022.  We have limited hours at the office but leave a message, and we will call you back.

I am praying that all of us come through this safely and emerge to be even stronger.