SMI Client Spotlight- Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall

SMI Client Spotlight-

Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall

425 Coliseum Blvd.



Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall has trusted SMI Advertising with its marketing needs since 2001.    The store was opened by Dot & Gary McDaniel in 1994 and immediately began to be very popular with locals and those visiting or passing through the area.

With 60,000 square feet and over 300 vendors, you will find will all kinds of collectibles and unusual items.   Maybe you need a piece that would complete your grandmother’s China you inherited.   They also carry vintage clothing (and it has to be certified vintage), albums, lamps, furniture and so much more.    When you go in look for the smiling and always delightful Dot, and somewhere around, you will usually find Gary making sure everything is going well.  Here are just three reviews that are from customers of Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall:

Eastbrook Flea Market and Antique Mall is beyond amazing! Take a walk back in time and see all the cool decor you used to have in your home from years past. There’s also a good assortment of new items that are on point trend-wise. Plan to spend a few hours scouring each booth on three floors of what was once the Montgomery Fair department store. When done, take a ride through the neighborhood for authentic mid-century architecture. I highly recommend Eastbrook!!

Three floors of vintage treasures. We visited on the way home from the beach. My son loved this place; he could have spent hours here. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend stopping here.

This is three floors of choice kitsch and near antiques, at excellent prices. Bring cash as the additional discount is substantial. Everything is in beautiful condition. And allow lots of time as there’s a huge amount to see.

A lot of times, when “flea market” is mentioned, we think of clutter and old tools and items just scattered about.  Miss Dot is very particular, and you will notice how well organized everything is.    Take a day and just wander through the 60,000 square feet and three floors of all kinds of treasures.    The store is always cool in the summer and comfy in the winter, plus it has an elevator in case the stairs are a problem.

Right now, due to the recent shutdown from COVID-19, there are a handful of booth openings, and this is very rare.    Call Dot at the store (334-277-4027) and inquire about getting a space.  It is easy for the vendors because they just add items as needed, but the store handles all sales, so you would not have to be present unless you just enjoy the ambiance of this excellent store.

There is not another store in the area, quite like Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall.   With an exceptional staff, 300 booths of all kinds of treasures over three floors, you will love the store, and Miss Dot will seem like your mom or grandmom.

Eastbrook Flea Market & Antique Mall is open Monday through Friday 10 AM-6 PM, Saturday 9 AM-6 PM and Sunday 12:30-4:30.  They are located at 425 Coliseum Blvd. in the Eastbrook Shopping Center.  SMI advertising is proud to represent this great store, and we know you will not be disappointed.