Trends To Consider In The COVID-19 ERA

The effects of Covid-19 has certainly impacted our lives and businesses.   As a marketing firm SMI Advertising is guiding our clients to look carefully at the message they are putting in front of their customers.   We need to be sensitive, and yet we need to get our customers back through the doors.  Here are some tips that may help as business begins to promote again:

Be Genuine

Let the customer know your values and that you are true to your brand.   Let them know you are concerned about them, but some of the terms being used today could become negative. Words like “we’re all in this together” sounds good at first glance, but for many, they are feeling isolated and alone.   Craft a message that will not seem patronizing, but will show you care.

Check Your Message

If you run a business, then your day is probably hectic.   Do you have time to message properly?  This is where a firm such as SMI can help.   Copy points need to create a response from your potential market.

Look Closely At New Strategies  

If you don’t look at your website analytics, you need to begin.   This will give you a lot of information that may help you develop new ways to reach potential customers.  See if you can create a better customer experience when someone visits your site.

There are many things you can do that are very cost-effective, and it will help to broaden your customer base.  We have changed how we consume media, and this includes both traditional and the new media that have exploded.

Determine Where Your Customers Are Spending Their Time

With many people having more free time, radio listenership and TV viewing are up.  People are also spending time with their devices as they look at videos or just search for information.

Choose To Advertise Where You Have More Credibility

A recent study showed that video ads on premium channels were considered as much as 50% more credible than on-premium channels.

People Are Not Using Content As They Once Did

With no live sports, theatres closed, people working from home, we must shift strategies to reach our target customer.  There is a need to capture the viewership that once had other sources and now is looking elsewhere.  Patterns are changing dramatically with live sports cancellations, box office closures, and extensive work-from-home policies. Yet, you can assess these shifts and reach your audience.

Make Sure Your Message Is Very Sensitive

SMI has produced an ad for a client that has some humor but addresses the current situation.   It holds up the front-line workers as heroes while giving the viewer something to smile about.

SMI Advertising will meet with you at no charge and discuss your current needs and how we can be your partner as you navigate this particular time.   You need to focus on your business and allow us to focus on getting the right message out to the right people.  Keep in mind that SMI works for you, and we will always do what is in the best interest of you and your business.   SMI Advertising has been in business since 1996, and our client base consists of some of the area’s most well-known companies.  Call me with your questions, or to set up a meeting

Larry Stevens