What is marketing and Advertising?

What Is Marketing & Advertising?


We often use the words “marketing” and “advertising” interchangeably.  These two words are associated but are not the same thing.   Marketing includes all that you do to get the word out about your services and products.    Advertising is a part of your marketing scheme.

Marketing includes public relations, events, social media, direct mail, email, and advertising. While you keep the message the same, you are sharing it in different ways.  You start with a good marketing plan by deciding how best to reach your potential customer or client.   Your marketing budget will also help you plan what you can or can’t do.  It is best to use a variety of marketing methods, but the budget will play a role in the decision of what you need to do.


Your message and how you market is of extreme importance.   The right message sent to the wrong people will fail, as will the wrong message to the right people.   You want to increase the chances your target will see the message, recall it, and take action.


Today, more than ever before, it is possible to target specific groups, so you know you are reaching the right base for your product or services.   Some magazines target a particular group or demographic.   Radio and TV can be used to target as well by running an ad schedule on targeted programs that will give you the best chance of reaching those that use your product or services.  Digital advertising is now one of, if not the most essential part of a campaign.   You can micro-target one home on a street to deliver your message.


The question is, how does today’s business owner walk through this minefield we call marketing?  That is where SMI Advertising comes in.   We help you create your marketing strategy, and then we help you implement the steps that will get your business noticed.   At SMI, we have clients that have in-house marketing, and we work hand-in-hand with them to achieve their goals.  One example is Jim Smith at Adams Drugs.  Jim makes sure that Adams is represented at health fairs; he works with area medical facilities, makes sure they have the right message when customers enter an Adams location, and so much more.   SMI works with Jim to create the right ads, to get them placed on the proper media, and we look for areas they can get involved in helping better promote the Adams brand.  Jim determines if, due to some change in the market, Adams needs to address a particular issue, and SMI works to get that message ready and in front of their customers and potential customers.

It is easy to make the wrong choice and waste your marketing budget, but SMI can help you make the right choice.  We represent and work for our clients and make sure they are on target.

Feel free to call me at (334) 409-0022, and we can discuss what we can do for you.   Our services include digital advertising (being seen and found online), developing websites, helping with social media, creating and placing for traditional media, creating press releases, and anything else that will get your business noticed.  Ultimately, that is what marketing is all about- getting noticed by the people that can use your product or services.