Navigating Your Marketing Needs

Advertising, as we go forward, will only get more confusing and complicated for many business owners.

Digital advertising has surpassed television revenues for the first time globally. With this change, we must have a paradigm shift when it comes to the marketing business.   Anyone that spends any time on the web realizes that digital marketing is now not just some fresh fad, but an absolute necessity.

Twenty-four years ago, when I began this business, the yellow pages were essential and no one even thought of terms like pay-per-click, ad-retargeting, SEO, Over the Top Television, etc.   Today yellow page advertising is non-existent, and we now talk about the importance of being found online.

Not only must people find you, but you must also have an excellent website that looks good on mobile devices as well as on the large screens.   Most people now use their cell phones when surfing the web, looking for a product or a business.  It would be best if you utilized all the tools at your disposal to get back in front of someone that has visited your site along with numerous other ways to reach out to these potential customers.

Video has become critical.  You must have videos that give people information and are posted and visible to anyone seeking your product.

Moreover, a business owner must consider what they are to do in the mass media.   While I believe that being visible in the cyber world is essential, I am equally convinced in mass media (radio, TV, billboards, etc.) to brand a business.  When people go online, they are obviously in the market for a particular product or need.

They research to make the right decision, but they also will tend to gravitate toward a name they know, one that has been branded in their minds.  However, spending on mass media means making wise decision or a budget could be squandered.

As a business owner, you have many things on your plate every day.   If you then try to navigate the confusing world of digital in addition to deciding how to spend ad dollars on mass media, you could be wasting a lot of money.

This is where SMI Advertising comes in-we work for you.   Our decisions are made after considering what is best for our clients.  W have direct control over our client’s digital spend. Just because someone claims to do digital doesn’t mean it’s true. Many times they have farmed it out to a media company, or to a company that has no clue what a business needs to accomplish.   At SMI, our clients have direct contact with our digital specialist, Ellen Rose. They can call her directly if they have a question instead of having to go through two or three others before finding out the one administering their account is a thousand miles away with no personal knowledge of the client or this market.    Our clients are furnished with monthly reports on how the campaign is performing.   One other advantage, our administrative costs are much lower.    In some cases, a business may be paying as much as 70% in administrative fees, leaving only 30% for their campaign.

In 2020, make sure your marketing budget is working for you and that the dollars spent are an investment back into your business.    SMI Advertising is full service and we can handle all your marketing needs, whether in the River Region, around the state or out of state.

At SMI Advertising, we treat your money as if it was our money.    Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients.  Give me a call at (334) 409-0022 and I will be happy to talk with you about how we can more effectively help you manage your marketing dollars resulting in saving you money because your budget is more efficient.


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